Saturday, 11 September 2010

Tres ponts

Tres ponts been hear just over a week, I just so love this crag short walk in and a nice relaxing feel always a few folk around to watch climb and get the numbers on the harder routes also saw daila send the crag 8b in fine stile it looked like she was just warming up the girl can crush, for me tho some on sighting in the 7 grade and pointing the 8's one of witch An 8a that took me three days to point I later found out that a hold has broken and in the new topo it now gets 8a+ so feel a bit better about it taking so long to send.
From hear With mike and T dog coming down from france and mike showing me the way I stepped up the game with flashing another 8a mite modens, getting the next one second point Rauxa, and first redpoint of a 8a+ Carbassa pel tap de bassa

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