Thursday, 14 May 2009


Well times a funny thing and she run's on apace and i see that its been awhile since i last tapped away!
Well whats been going on in this life of mine? climbing wise on returning from spain had me headed to the skymasters comp with fitness up all was set for a good few days fun, climbing and drinking. With that done and Easter around the bend looking at forecasts seemed little help with the planning so Lisa and me booked a ferry for france and Font, thinking that sat in the forest drinking coffee/chocolate in the rain was not the worst way to spend a few days, Who could of guessed that the sun would come out and make it lisa's best Font trip to date!
With the weather good on the south coast climbing on portland seemed a good bet so a few weeks working and climbing evenings brings us to now where i find myself again packing for Spain bring on the steep juggy limestone.
a picy of me in Newport standing around!