Tuesday, 1 September 2009

San Sim

Well it comes to pass that after my last try and the weather set in it looked like a no go For San Simeon before i went to spain, But driving back to bristol to drop Tim off to go to a wedding the power of the Iphone shone through saying that a window of weather was coming, So fuled with a shower and food i drove back to the westest of Wales. Geting to the bosh head for last orders i found myself a team of lifegaurds/ spotters and camera crew ready for the seven oclock start.
So comes the morning, Not knowing when the wall comes into the sun had me playing at high tide in the shade on rather wet rock! The top was in the sun and pream ready for the move but the bottom and more improtant the only sloping hold on the route was far from dry. So warmed up it was a race of sun v tide witch was on the way out!!.
At last the resting rail and the bad grip came in to sun so with the tide falling and only one go at doing the route before it became to shallow off i went. The first 25ft went easily enuf seeing me at the rail ready for the next 40ish ft of harder climbing, After having a shake and clearing my head off i went, All going well and getting to the move where i fell only a few days ago i took a breath moved slow and deadpointed to the hold all i had to do then was to stay calm and not pull one of the loose holds off the top!
Job done only took me two years and five days to get the weather right and do this route making it one of my longest pojects i'v done to date.

San Simeon from Gavin Symonds on Vimeo.

So now its time to pack the van and head to Spain, First stop the orange house for the deep water solo fest held there sponsored by La Sportiva.
Not sure what to do after that apart from climb and try and do a 8b before I'm 30! will keep you posted..