Thursday, 26 August 2010


Home at last, well when I say home I mean Spain. Lisa and me after dropping Ed off at the airport drove down yesterday and now we are at Montgrony and sat at the restaurant after a nice morning's climbing where Lisa found a project for her to ork and send.
Since the last time I checked in we first went to bus les baronies and climbed around there after a morning taking a wonder around the local morning market, at baume Rousse I warmed up and then got the draws in a route I had seen last time I was down this way, the route Les Secrets de Regine 8a felt ok with a hard move at the start and finish went ok on the third point after falling from the top move on the second burn.

From hear after Steve sent his second ever 8a on his fourth point a sterling effort, we headed to St Leger where after a a few days of sweating and saying it far to hot so many times I lost count ( iv never sweated from inside my ear before) we have as I said come to spain.

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