Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Back in the saddle

Well after three weeks in rodellar it was time to head home, with arms failing to do there stuff we decided to give ourselves an extra day to drive home. Ending the trip after 52 days away not a bad way to spend the summer.
The only problem with this is now I'm balls deep in Christmas decorations putting them up for he next month all around the country from Southampton to Glasgow. 
I did manage tho to get a few hours off to go to the opening round of the Climbing Academy's first round for there winter boulder league, tho to manage this I did have to drive on Friday to peterbourgh work most of the night get up early then drive back to Bristol to start climbing at 12!
It was at this point that I found out that wile I'm quite fit and can pull V5 moves after 30 meters of climbing this is my limit and can only do V5 off the deck as well I think some boulder training is in need!!