Thursday, 17 March 2011

Comps and Walls

Comps and climbing, well the indoor season for me is very nearly at an end, it's been a bizy few weeks starting with the final round of the climbing academy, well not getting off to a good start falling off an easy problem spent the rest of the of the sesh playing catch up! Well with a good try I missed out on the final by two points but came second overall for the league. One down two to go the next being at the cloning works Sheffield for there yearly comp the CWIF and with an international field was thinking a tough tour and low points was to be my day but low and behold I did quite well climbing the tecky routes with a little bit of stile.
So from a field of 200 men I came 24th not bad, I'm well happy with that!

Well now to the north and a fun week building a small climbing wall in a leisure centre, wit a strong team a big bag of tools and Longy at the helm I think we did it again and made a beautiful thing.