Monday, 26 January 2009


TCA or in longer speak the climbing academy, Bristol’s new boulder wall held its opening party last weekend, kicking off at high noon with the sun showing an unusual appearance the Bristol climbing masses made a beeline inside to the wall?
With 30 problems and three hours to get them done it was set to be a trying day out for all, All started well with the climbers spreading out to explore the many parts of the wall to find the easier probs to get involved in warming up.
Three hours later with a nicely split field and most but not quite all the lines climbed it was time for the final! Coming out first for the girls was jo purslow getting on the arm sapping 28 move monster, Following jo was Hazel Findlay then charlie Kelly out on the prob/route with Hammy coming in first just four moves from the last grip, nice one ham.
Next up the boys with Andy, Jak and yours truly in the final.
I can’t say what went on with the other two, as I was last out so unable to watch but im told that the steep long route took its toll on already battered arms!
So on to my turn, I had already looked at the route and had a sequence in my head but looking at the holds didn’t make me ready for was how steep the wall is! So knowing I had limited climbing time and not knowing how far the boys had got I climbed as fast and as smoothly as I could hoping I had enough left in the tank, till all of a sudden the watching crowds roared letting me know that I had done enough so now It was all for glory can I make the top? Well no I fell off the next move but I had won the first climbing academy boulder comp.
Thanks go’s put to all that made the day possible from wall staff /setters but most of all Rich and Paul.

comp TCA from Gavin Symonds on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Well not meaning much to many but longy has been toiling at his craft again and stripped and reset the Shed on Portland as very few people know of the Shed let me explain, A small group of Portland climbers with Andy at the helm set up a climbing wall for the locals, mainly all circuits consisting of the 60/70 move problem. Andy has set two new ones a red easy (7b outside) and a Yellow nails one (8a upwards?) crossing the new bit of wall we added late last year. Wile I can do the red the yellow is some what trickier I got half way round on my first go but could only do the remaining 35 moves in seven move sections, the last of witch is probably a V6 boulder in its own right.
So now we have a few new challenges I need a trip to get fit for! I know that means nothing to most but it keeps me happy.
Spain I think is calling!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Thursday, 8 January 2009

festive times

Well its safe to say that i'v still got reason to travel to Fontaiebleau! with  a failed attempt on my my proj came to the rather striking thought that one might have to train to get up hard climbs.
So with this on my mind i stepped back from the game of hard and just entertained self on pottering around the Forrest and did a few circuits with Lisa hot on my trail expanding her knowledge of cold equals sticky.
So to Christmas din dins not being the ones to miss out on a slice of bird and having no cooker in the van we went with fire roasting? 
In hear someplace is a Turkey crown roast spuds and all trimmings for our forest feast yummy. 
Just as we were finding our flow and the weather turned even more sunny i had to come home for a few days so with a mad dash round Paris we headed for the ferry, Next stop the Peaks for a frosty new year.

We climbed at stanage on new years day just doing the rounds on a perfect winters day in tut north. A splendid way to start the year, With a little play on burbage north the next day and a quick send of  Submergence 7c i think its going to be a good year.