Thursday, 8 January 2009

festive times

Well its safe to say that i'v still got reason to travel to Fontaiebleau! with  a failed attempt on my my proj came to the rather striking thought that one might have to train to get up hard climbs.
So with this on my mind i stepped back from the game of hard and just entertained self on pottering around the Forrest and did a few circuits with Lisa hot on my trail expanding her knowledge of cold equals sticky.
So to Christmas din dins not being the ones to miss out on a slice of bird and having no cooker in the van we went with fire roasting? 
In hear someplace is a Turkey crown roast spuds and all trimmings for our forest feast yummy. 
Just as we were finding our flow and the weather turned even more sunny i had to come home for a few days so with a mad dash round Paris we headed for the ferry, Next stop the Peaks for a frosty new year.

We climbed at stanage on new years day just doing the rounds on a perfect winters day in tut north. A splendid way to start the year, With a little play on burbage north the next day and a quick send of  Submergence 7c i think its going to be a good year.

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