Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Well not meaning much to many but longy has been toiling at his craft again and stripped and reset the Shed on Portland as very few people know of the Shed let me explain, A small group of Portland climbers with Andy at the helm set up a climbing wall for the locals, mainly all circuits consisting of the 60/70 move problem. Andy has set two new ones a red easy (7b outside) and a Yellow nails one (8a upwards?) crossing the new bit of wall we added late last year. Wile I can do the red the yellow is some what trickier I got half way round on my first go but could only do the remaining 35 moves in seven move sections, the last of witch is probably a V6 boulder in its own right.
So now we have a few new challenges I need a trip to get fit for! I know that means nothing to most but it keeps me happy.
Spain I think is calling!

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