Thursday, 8 March 2012


Progress is on the cards, iv put aside that silly work thing again and been getting out and about with a focus on ansteys in Devon on a route iv wanted to to for a wile now so iv slapped myself around the face and told myself to pull my finger out and get it done. Easily said but for this one iv got to but effort in I.e if got to train and get better at this climbing thing something iv not really done before.

Up till now all the routes iv done iv done quickly with out really trying and this route (poppy) has got a move I can only just do from the hang so iv got to get stronger so I can get to it fresh, this feeling is slowly coming along it feels better every time I go down and have a play.

More motivation as if I need it is pip as she is getting more mobile around crags and danger I now have two options one is to take her for a morning walk , or go climbing so she can get a walk that way. Easy to work that one out me thinks.

So what now, the next few weeks hold a little bit of the indoors in the shape of the CWIF followed by a trip to Madrid to set a comp out there, the pressure is on as well as the starting List has names like woods and Robinson in it ! I'll get back to on how it gos.



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